Coming from Exito Decals:  1/32 offerings.

Exito Decals is proud to announce the release of the first two decals sets in 1/32 scale. There have been a lot of requests for these, and we have decided to give them a try, preparing the large scale versions of some of our previous releases. This includes the set entitled “Sexy Spitfires”, which contains markings for three aircraft:

- Spitfire LF Mk.Vb (EN921), coded YO-A of No. 401 Sqn RCAF, flown by F/O Jack Sheppard, Redhill / Staplehurst / Biggin Hill, UK, July-October 1943.

- Spitfire LF Mk.VIII (MT841), coded U of No. 2 Sqn RIAF, Kohat, British India, spring 1946.

- Spitfire LF Mk.IXe (TA864), coded LW-L of No. 318 (Gdanski) Sqn RAF, flown by P/O Zdzisław Uchwat, Risano near Udine, Italy, May-June 1945.

Illustrations were created by Janusz Swiatlon. All aircraft feature sexy nose art which is rarely seen on Supermarine Spitfires. For the very first time, artwork and markings of MT841 are correctly reproduced in decal form. This 1/32 scale set is available directly from the manufacturer:

Our second 1/32 scale release is entitled “Eastern Front Fighters” and covers three different Messerschmitts flown by notable Luftwaffe aces in the East:

- Messerschmitt Bf 109 E-7, ‘White 2’, flown by Lt. Heinrich Ehrler of 4./JG 5, Alakurtti, Finland, late April 1942.

- Messerschmitt Bf 109 F-4 trop, WNr. 10266, flown by Maj. Gordon Gollob, Kommodore of JG 77, Oktoberfeld, Crimea, Soviet Union, between June 2 and 6, 1942.

- Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-6, ‘White 10’, flown by Oblt. Robert ‘Bazi’ Weiß, Kapitän of 10./JG 54, northern sector of the Eastern front, USSR, January 1944.

Illustrations were created by Janusz Swiatlon and Anders Hjortsberg. The markings for Ehrler’s ‘Emil’ and G-6 of ‘Bazi’ Weiß have never been reproduced in decal form before, whilst Gollob’s Bf 109 F-4 trop did not receive enough attention from other manufacturers. To our knowledge, this is the first decal set on the market that contains the 4./JG 5 emblem (including a bonus one). This set is available directly from the manufacturer:

Further releases are already in preparation – please follow us on FB not to miss the latest