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 Ian Sadler


The book under review is the latest title in the GREEN Series no 6; GAZ 66 from Wings and Wheels publications, RAK, P.O. Box 35, 17006, Prague 7, Czech Republic.

The authors are Frantisek Koran, Michal Burian and Ales Knizek ISBN no is 80-86416-20-8, and the price varies from country to country, so please check with your local book dealer. 

Printed in the now very usual landscape format and in full colour and English text, this book has 60 pages crammed full of 245 full colour photographs and the accompanying text is kept to the absolute minimum.

 The book follows the now familiar layout of sub chapters dealing with all the relevant details. I.e. engine, body, cab internalís, chassis etc. All the vehicles portrayed in the book are from the Czech Military museums at Lesany, Imperial War Museum Duxford, England and private collections.

 The bulk of the book deals with the following variants, Shelter body or Office, airfield fuel tanker, General Service troop body. The last portion is devoted entirely to the ground mounted ZU-23-2 Anti Aircraft Gun.

 Taking the first section it has the most wonderful sets of colour photographs on the Fuel tanker the tiniest detail is recorded and it is a scratch builders dream. The section on the ZU-23-2 is just breath taking all the detail you could ever want to enhance the kits now available This ground mount was added to many vehicles as an add hock arrangement but soon became a standard fitting for convoy protection.. To turn them from out of the box into show stoppers; it will be impossible not to try out  all the scratch building techniques you have ever read about or been shown, on the kit.

With this book you will be able to achieve levels of model making undreamt of a few years ago. It has spurred me to build a new GAZ 66 kit now that all this information is available.

 From a personnel point of view I would like to have had included a set of scale plans in 1/35 for the shelter body and the fuel tanker. Do not let this put you of buying this truly superb book.

 If Russian vehicles are your study and modelling theme then, go out and buy this book and add it to your reference self now, you will not be disappointed.

 Many thanks to Franti for the advance copy to review, as always it was a pleasure. 

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