Ural-375/4320  5 ton Trucks


Koran, Knizek, Burain


Probably about $20 in US


Ian Sadler



It has74 pages devoted to the Ural 375 GRAD, Ural 4303 Shelter body, Ural 375 Crane, Ural 43203 Crane. Ural 43203 Radar Shelter, Ural 375 Wireless Shelter, follows the usual layout with a brief history of the development of the vehicle with the text to the photographs kept to a minimum. Leaving the photographs to speak for themselves. Lastly there are 2 line sketches of the chassis layout for comparison of the 375 and 4320 types, 6 black and white side views of the various body styles.

Within its pages it contains 88 full colour photographs of stunning quality and clarity along with 246 black and white photographs, split into the usual sections, which are.

Walk around: Close up Exterior details: Drivers driving position: Transmission details: engine detail: axle details, and finally internal details of the various shelters.

Each vehicle is treated to the same meticulous attention in the photographs.

In the past you have had to spend many long hours searching a great many books to find even one snippet of information about these vehicles. Now the authors have brought it all together in one handy volume with all to hand, no more frustrating searching.

From a personnel point of view I wish it had been out a lot earlier. I would then have been able to build a far better model. So for those who are going to build the Ural series of models now available this one volume will be of the greatest help. To the resin and photo etch manufacturers it will be of immense help and clear up a lot of poorly documented information. It will also assist the growing band of military vehicle collectors who are buying these ex Russian trucks. Museums will also find it a very usefull addition to the restoration of any held in stock.

The authors are to be congratulated once more in filling an important gap in our knowledge of Modern Russian Military vehicles.

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