SdKfz 124 'Wespe'


Koran, Starosta


Probably about $20 in US


Ian Sadler



It has38 pages devoted to this one vehicle and follows the usual layout of a brief history of the development of the vehicle with the text to the photographs kept to a minimum. Leaving the photographs to speak for themselves. Lastly there are 13 black and white sketch drawings to help visually explain certain details that are missing, or variations to the norm and those that may be post war alterations. These sketches are true works of art.

It contains 86 full colour photographs of stunning quality and clarity split into the usual sections, which are.

Walk around: Close up Exterior details: Drivers hatch and driving position: Transmission details: Gunners station: Ammunition Boxes: 10.5cm Le FH 18/2L28 gun details:

Rbif 36 sighting devices: Radio details and location: Lastly track and wheel details:

No more guess work as to exactly what a certain area or box contained. The correct locations of the internal stowage that will make all the more certain those photo etch parts.

The resin and photo etch boys are going to have a field day using this volume. So will the scratch builders who will turn out winners all thanks to this book.

In the past you have had to spend many long hours searching a great many books to find even one snippet of information.

Now the authors have brought it all together in one handy volume with all the information to hand, no more frustrating searching.

I know from speaking to fellow modellers at model shows each and every new title is eagerly awaited, and I am fortunate in being able to show them advance copies. This like all the series published so far will be a huge success.

Buy yours now and you will not be disappointed. The authors are to be congratulated once more in filling an important gap in our knowledge of German Military vehicles.

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