Zil 157/157K Variants


Frantisek Koran & Jan Martinec






 Ian Sadler

Notes: ISBN  80-86416-36-4

Printed in the now usual standard format on high quality paper and in landscape format, it has crammed into its 120 pages; a full 601 colour photographs, showing in the very closest imaginable details of the internal and exterior of all of the vehicles. Text as usual is in English and is kept to the minimum to explain the photographs and add to the information shown.  

The Vehicles that are included in the book are the following, Zil 157 Cargo Truck GS pages 6-42 157 Tractor pages 43-51, PR-11b Semi Trailer pages 54-71, SA-2 Guideline System pages 72-97,  157 Indicator Vehicle pages 98-105, 157 Radiolocation Vehicle pages 106-111, 157 Malyutka Simulator pages 112-117, 157 Snowplough Vehicle pages 118-119.

 Not listed in the main Index but as an added bonus there are within the chapterís hidden gems of information on other vehicles. Page 44 the SAM 2 Warhead loading system on the back of the Tractor unit. Pages 79 -81 the transporting system for the ground launches platform and the truck dollies that make it up. Pages 88 -95 all the details you need for opening up the panels on the ground launcher platform, a scratch builders dream. I could go on but this just a taste of what there is hidden within the depths of this book.

Once more Franti has included a new innovation to the information contained in the book. This is a series of 3 separate multi coloured diagrams of the Engine layout and all the associated parts are colour coded. This helps to clarify when looking at the engine photographs. To accompany this there is a well written explanation of the details and the function and in some case the direction of flow linked via the diagram numbers to the text. There are also two similar ones on the pneumatic system for the regulation of air pressure in the tyres.

 As usual each chapter is colour coded on the top right of the page for easy reference to the correct vehicle.

 Rather than go through each chapter one by one. I have decided to just give my thoughts on the PR -11B Semi Trailer and Tractor chapters.

For any Model Maker who has been tempted to buy the Trumpeter kit of the Sam 2 Missile and Transport trailer Kit No 00204. I am one, and now I can build the kit with added confidence.

 This has to be the book for you; it gives all the tiniest detail that it is possible to cram into the pages. You will by constantly referring to the pages to be able to add all the detail you could every wish to. I will go so far as to say that, each section of the kit build up will be put on hold for a few hours while you study not only the parts in the kit but also the correct positioning of them from the photographs. It will enable you to add in all the electrical junction boxes and conduits and to correct the over simplified piping in the kit. Now with the help of the coloured diagrams, the adding of the pipes and linkages to the engine compartment will be a dream.  You will wonder just how it is possible to build a kit as complex as this without this wonderful reference book along side it.

 This new publication once more takes the work of Franti and his team a leap ahead of any competitors and sets newer standards for them to catch up on.

I have no hesitation in highly recommending the book to those who love to build models of Modern Soviet Vehicles and to those who are lucky enough to own the real vehicle and esp. to museums who wish to maintain and restore them.

 A very highly valued Reference book in a handy size on Modern Soviet Vehicles and will I feel sure become the standard for others to follow. I know I will constantly be referring to it as I build more of my favourite vehicles in the future. A must have for Model Makers who build Russian Vehicle Builders on their reference shelf.

 For our American readers who like to score points out of 10. I give it 10 for new and innovate ideas, 10 for quality of photographs, 10 for selection of vehicles, 10 for Value for money and readability.

 Under the fair review copy write laws I have added an extra scan to illustrate the level of detail contained in the book. To select one out of so many was very hard to do but in the end I came out with this one. It shows the interior of a Shelter body missile tracking vehicle.

   Many thanks to Franti for the advance review copy sent to me. As it is a review copy I have no idea of price but I do know it is due to hit the book dealers in the next few weeks so keep an eye out on the adverts for availability and price in your country.

Ian Sadler Review


June 2004

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