Syhart Decals 72/48-085 F-4D Phantom II N.D. ANG

119 FIG North Dakota ANG


9/12 Euros

Reviewer: Jean-Paul POISSEROUX


1889 is one important date for the Dakota state birth. 1989 is the centennial day. The colorful event was particularly marked. One of the MD phantom F-4D was repainted (in blue) and the state emblem decorated the underside of the wing.

The beautiful anniversary scheme is proposed by Sylvain Hautier in 72/48 scale decals. The notice is clear as usually. The quality of the decals is first rate. One fully decorated Phantom aircraft in the U.S AIR FORCE is very rare, so the phantom lovers will be happy to get these decals.

One word : superb !

Note: 1/48 sheet shown


January 2018

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