Did you Know?

---According one one recent poll, 80% of workers think that their managers are unnecessary and in many cases a hindrance to a smooth operating workplace.

---Chocolate and cocoa contain caffeine and a naturally occurring stimulant called theobromine which are both toxic to dogs and cats. So don't let them drink your coffee or tea, either.

---One in four traffic accidents in the United States is caused by someone texting while driving.

---Prior to 1933, the balloons from the Macy's parade were allowed to float free after the parade where they would explode in the upper atmosphere. In 1932, one wrapped around the wing of a passing plane causing the plane to crash. After 1932, all balloons were deflated on the ground.

---Tardigrades are one of the most resilient animals known. To read more about these creatures that can withstand the cold of space, live 30 years without food, and withstand temperatures to 150C, visit this link.

--- Prince of Wales and Repulse were the first two battleships ever sunk exclusively by air attack while at sea during war.

---35 million Americans travelled overseas in 2016.

---The only cars that still come with hood ornaments are Mercedes (they are spring loaded) Rolls Royce (they disappear into the hood once the engine is started) and Mack (they are too high to reach). I may have missed some, but those are all I could find during research.

---Dictator of Equatorial Guinea, Francisco Macias, banned the use of lubricants in the Malabo city power plant, claiming that he has magical powers. (The results were as you'd expect)

---That last battleship to fire a salvo at an enemy battleship was the USS Mississippi during the battle of Surigao Strait.

---Although we see a blue sky, the truth is that it's actually violet. The reason we perceive the sky as blue instead of violet is due to the physiology of our eyes, which are more sensitive to blue.

---The first Luftwaffe jet shot down during WWII was not a jet, but an Me-163 rocket fighter.

---There are at least 100 tribes world-wide that have never had close contact with the modern world.

---The world's top uranium producer is Kazakhstan. It produces so much that it has flooded the world market and caused US production to plummet. 

---On Dec.13 1941 Hungary declared war on the US. President Roosevelt asked why the Hungarians are sore at us, and who was the leader of Hungary. His entire cabinet almost died laughing when they found out that:

  1. The Hungarian head of state was Admiral Horty, but Hungary is landlocked, and has no navy…
  2. …and the Hungarians were not angry with the US.
  3. No common border.

So there was a declaration of war, that became a joke, and there were no hostilities, and after a few years the “US Hungary war” simply ended.

---According to Forbes, only 34% of American voters can name the three branches of government.

---Ed McMahon flew L-19s in Korea

---From the 5th century onwards Indian armies used to tie men to giant kites to spy on enemy forces. It was stopped when they started fighting against the British.

---Over 70% of the internet is bots

---Three US Presidents were pilots.

---White is the most popular car color in the US and much of the rest of the world. 

---The first jack-o-lanterns were turnips.

---In 1972, Pepsi became the first capitalist consumer product to be produced, marketed and sold in the Soviet Union. The problem, as in most deals with the Soviets, was how to get the money out. The solution was a barter deal where PepsiCo would trade its cola syrup in exchange for Stolichnaya vodka. In 1989, PepsiCo and the Soviet Union made a new $3 billion deal. This time the vodka bottles were not enough to pay for the soda and the Soviets used what they had plenty of at that time – military equipment. Altogether PepsiCo received 17 submarines, a cruiser, a frigate and a destroyer, giving Pepsico the seventh largest submarine fleet in the world. PepsiCo resold them for scrap.

---The Atlanta metropolitan area is home to over half of Georgia's population.

---Coins were introduced as a method of payment around the 6th or 5th century BCE. The invention of coins is still shrouded in mystery: According to Herdotous (I, 94), coins were first minted by the Lydians, while Aristotle claims that the first coins were minted by Demodike of Kyrme, the wife of King Midas of Phrygia. Numismatists consider that the first coins were minted on the Greek island of Aegina, either by the local rulers or by king Pheidon of Argos.

---paraskevidekatriaphobia is a fear of Friday the 13th