Did you Know?

---New York City has more homeless people than any other US city at over 78,000 as of 2018 according to Forbes. LA is second with about 50,000.

---“When the speech condemns a free press, you are hearing the words of a tyrant.” Thomas Jefferson

---Since 2012, with every passing day, Jimmy Carter has been retired from office longer than any other president.

---If Danish parents don't choose one of the 7000 government-approved names for their bundle of joy, they're required to get church approval.

---China and Japan are the two largest holders of US debt and together equal about 10% ($2.2 trillion) of that debt.

---Before the production of the Model T, nearly 20% of the cars on the American road were electric.

---Researchers have determined that there are five fundamental differences between people who are smart/intelligent and those who are stupid.

1. Stupid people blame others for their own mistakes 

2. Stupid people always have to be right 

3. Stupid people react to conflicts with anger and aggression 

4. Stupid people ignore the needs and feelings of other people 

5. Stupid people think they are better than everyone else 

---If you think about it, a model kit is out of production before it even reaches the dealer's shelves. What we really mean by oop is 'no longer being produced'.

---The wealthiest man in American history was John D. Rockefeller, who at one time, controlled up to 91% of the nation's oil.

---An autopsy study finds that ninety-nine percent of ailing NFL player brains show hallmarks of neurodegenerative disease. Read the link for more information.  

---During WWII there were only three US battleship to battleship encounters and one involved a French ship.

---More pirate facts; walking the plank is completely fabricated by novel writers.

---There is only one known case of a pirate actually burying his treasure and that is William Kidd.

---While one may fuss over definitions, basically, no truly democratic nation has ever attacked or been attacked by another democratic nation.

---When you look at a brand new tire, you may have seen a little red or yellow dot on the sidewall. Most people probably just assume it’s an ink mark applied for some internal tire company reason. Those dots are extremely helpful when you are mounting a brand new set of tires. The dot is applied to the lightest part of the new tire. When mounting a new tire, you normally align this dot with the valve stem and/or tire pressure monitor. By doing this, it makes balancing the tire far easier and you can apply fewer wheel weights to offset the balance.

----In the 1640s the Dutch inhabitants of New Amsterdam built a 12 foot wall for protection against the 'bad guys'. In 1664 the British ignored the wall, attacking from the sea, and captured the city from the Dutch, changing the city's name to New York. They took down the ineffective wall and built a street in its place. That is now Wall Street.

--The deadliest state for auto fatalities in the US is Wyoming at 28.62 deaths per 100,000 people per year, with nearly 40% of those due to alcohol. The five safest are all in the northeast with Massachusetts leading with 6.15 deaths per 100,000.

---General Patton once said, "The two most dangerous weapons the Germans have are our own armored halftrack and jeep. The halftrack because the boys in it go all heroic, thinking they are in a tank. The jeep because we have so many God-awful drivers."

---UPS does not resell its trucks. It's because they hold the patent for the design of their conspicuous package delivery trucks. At the end of their useful cycle, everything that can be recycled is removed and the bodies are then sent to the crusher.

--- You can fit all the planets in our solar system in the distance between the earth and the moon. https://www.universetoday.com/115672/you-could-fit-all-the-planets-between-the-earth-and-the-moon/

---The first slot cars were introduced in 1912 by the Lionel Train Company as an accessory for model train sets. The toy worked on a similar concept as Lionel’s trains, running on a pair of raised platforms with an electrified train track in a small trench down the middle. 

---A popular theory of why December 25 was chosen for Christmas Day is that it was the Christianizing of the dies solis invicti nati (“day of the birth of the unconquered sun”), a popular holiday in the Roman Empire that celebrated the winter solstice. Since many converts to the religion already celebrated on that day, it made sense to simply repurpose it.

---Today is the 115th anniversary of the Wright Brothers first flight.

---The only president who was an executioner: Grover Cleveland. As sheriff of Erie County, New York, he hanged a murderer.

---On the average, there is a bird strike on an aircraft once every 2000 flights.

--- The current 50-star American flag was designed by a 17-year-old as a school project in 1958. He got a B.

---Adjusted for inflation, the wealthiest US president was John F. Kennedy whose net worth was over 1 billion dollars.

---For each Allied bomber brought down by anti-aircraft in WWII, the Germans expended approximately 12,000 rounds.

---During 1942, no Japanese submarine that successfully attacked and sank a US ship was ever itself sunk by escorting warships.

---There are currently 1,100 fully functioning satellites in Earth orbit plus about 2,600 that no longer work.

---The launch of TIROS I (Television and InfraRed Observation Satellite) on April 1, 1960 marked the first day it became possible to observe the Earth's weather conditions on a regular basis, over most of the world from the vantage point of outer space.

---Of the many theories that abound, 1637 is probably the true origin of Thanksgiving, owing to the fact that Massachusetts colony governor John Winthrop declared a day of thanks-giving to celebrate colonial soldiers who had just slaughtered 700 Pequot men, women, and children in what is now Mystic, Connecticut. Abraham Lincoln is the one who popularized the Pilgrim myth, one that has stuck with Americans ever since.

---In the UK, It is an offence to handle salmon in suspicious circumstances. This is an offense under the Salmon Act of 1986s (date is not a typo).

---It is not illegal in Germany, to break out of a prison. They will simply track you down and put you back. No additional charges.