Italeri 1/72 P-47N Thunderbolt




$15.98 MSRP


Two options


Scott Weir




None provided


       Well itís about time! A new release, injection mold, 1/72nd N model Thunderbolt. Itís been decades since the release of Hellerís P-47Not. This is the first time in scale history weíve seen  an alternative offering of this fantastic bird in this scale. I counted about 112 separate parts on two main sprues of light gray and one clear.   Panel lines are recessed. Parts seem to be clean and absent of flash .The cockpit consists of 10 parts and seems to be well represented. The engine consists of  two cylinder banks with the gear box/magnetos molded to the front . Hereís a list of some extra parts.

1. P-38 long range, paper and metal fuel tanks

2. Rocket  tubes and ten HVARs

3. Two 500 lb. GP bombs, two 1000 lb. GP bombs and eight cluster/anti personnel bombs

4. Curtiss Electric 13í paddle blade prop

Decals look clear, and on register ready to represent one of three colorful Pacific Jugs.




      The tooling looks typical Italeri. Some of the scribing is a bit  heavy . Aside from the  the rich price the outline on the trees appear to be generally good and the photos on the side of the box look promising.  

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