ICM 1/72 Su-2




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Two aircraft


Mark Fordham




The Su-2 was one of a new generation aircraft that was introduced into the Red Army air force shortly before  WWII. This aircraft was designed in the Tupolev design bureau by a team headed by P. Sukhoi whose task was to produce a multi-purpose single-engined aircraft as part of the ďIvanovĒ programme.

The first prototype (ANT-51) made itís maiden flight in August 1937. The pre-production designation was BB-1 but when production began in 1940 it was changed to Su-2.

Following the German invasion of the USSR in June 1941 the Su-2 entered service as a scout, short range bomber and even used as a fighter at the height of the invasion when just about everything Russian was ether hacked out of the air or destroyed on the ground.

The last examples to roll off the production line in 1942 were powered by the greatly more powerful M-82 engine (same engine as the I-16) Aircraft fitted with the M-82 engines were redesignated the Su-4 and between 1940-1942 a total of 877 of all variants were produced.


The ICM SU-2 arrived in the typical flimsy ICM end opening box, inside consisted of a sealed plastic bag with three medium gray sprues containing superbly detailed parts for the Su-2 , one clear sprue containing the one piece canopy and three piece rear turret that looks like it is going to be a kitty to try and get together without a join line. The main canopy suffers from a little clouding but Iím not complaining as it least it is injected.

Wing and fuselage detail is a mix of fine recessed lines and raised rivets that will look the part under a coat of paint.

Sprue attachment points a commendably thin and in fact a few of the parts had detached themselves in transit and were floating around in the plastic bag.

Gear doors carry a nice amount of detailing and interior detail is just right for 1/72nd scale and detail items like undercarriage and wheels are nicely done.

Two decal options are given by ICM, first a Su-2, Bomber Regiment, South-Western Front, July 1941 and a Su-2 Special Corps Squadron, Brovary June 1941. Both with standard green over blue Russian camouflage. I have not used  ICM decals before as I tend to hand paint Russian stars but they look nice and thin and are very matt.



This looks like it will build up into a very nice little model of a little known Russian bomber, Detail is what you have come to expect from ICM and I have had little trouble with fit from ICM kits in the past.

The only thing that concerns me is going to be the fitting of the three piece turret, no doubt careful though to construction is the order for that one, Look for a full build review on this in the very near future.

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