Revell 1/48 Bf-110G-2




$18.95 CDN


Two aircraft


Olivier Lacombe


Three different noses!


The Bf 110 was the first attempt at designing a heavy fighter capable of escorting bombers deep into enemy territory.  Its requirement was issued by the RLM in 1934 and the first prototype flew in 1936.  After numerous refinements, the Luftwaffe relied on the Bf 110C for the “Zerstörer” (destroyer) role.  After the cancellation of the Me 210 (which costed Willy Messerschmitt’s job),  improvements were made on the old workhorse, such as the installment of DB 605 engines on what was now know as the Bf 110G.  This version spawned numerous sub-versions, including the night fighter one and some equipped with large caliber weapons (37 mm). 

 As for its performances as a fighter, you must know the story : it was outclassed by anything, so it could only operate under aerial supremacy or at night, where it performed solidly, chasing Lancasters and the like.


The kit comes in a rectangular box that flips open, which is perfect to keep all those in progress parts grouped together.  Revell offers us 5 sprues, 4 styrene and the other clear parts and a solid resin nose with its guns from CMK (this is what surprised me when I popped the box open). 

The parts are finely molded in grey styrene with recessed panel lines.  The detailing is very good, for instance, the tires (which are weighed down) bear the manufacturers letters!  It’s clear that the kit is a Pro Modeler one, just like they did with the Me 410.  An oddity with the kit is that they give you three different noses, 2 in plastic and one in resin, so it’s up to you how you’d like your Bf 110G served.  The clear parts are crisps and clear, with nice raised frames for easy masking.

 The decals are glossy, but they are not as thick as RM decals used to be, I believe that they’ll be quite usable (and since aftermarket decals are expensive and hard to find around here, I hope and prey that they will be usable!)  Two aircrafts are provided : +AP form II/ZG 1 ‘Wespen’ in Italy in 1943 and Q1+VB  from 12/SG 77 over Russia in 1943.


Overall, a very nice kit, especially for me who was going to buy the Pro Modeler Bf 110G-4 nightfighter Val-U-Pak from Squadron at $CDN 32,99, and it sure is on the top of my “bad-ass twins” to-do pile!

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