KIT: Italeri 1/24 Volvo VN 780
KIT #: 3818
PRICE: $49.00 MSRP
DECALS: One option
REVIEWER: Ryan Koschatzky


Since Italeri did it, allow me to copy what Scott copied from the instructions in the VN 670 review. "The new Volvo VN 780 tractor, an evolution of the NH 12 series, is specifically aimed at the American market. The previous version has already proved popular and more than capable of competing with traditional, US built trucks. Characterized by a spacious drive cab, with sleeping facilities and every other comfort needed for the long haul journeys typical of the US market, the vehicle has been completely restyled and the engine improved to contain fuel consumption and reduce emissions." From Volvo's websites "Uncompromised space and convenience. A smooth, comfortable ride. And overall performance that helps improve your bottom line. With its massive 77" sleeper, the VN 780 has all the amenities to make you feel at home. Need some peace? With its fully insulated cab, the interior is as quiet as most passenger cars -- even at high speeds. And space? No problem. The inside of the cab is tall enough for a person of 6'10" to stand upright. Coupled with its sleek curves and graceful lines, our flagship 780 sports all the style, comfort and efficiency that you've dreamed of in a long haul truck."


The kit itself is molded in several shades of plastic. There are sprues of black, grey and white. One contains all the chrome plated parts and as usual, to remove the sprue mold lines, you'll have to strip the parts (Castrol Super Clean or household vinegar or Strip a Kit) and either repaint them or replate them. A rather large and heavy sprue of vinyl or rubber wheels is also provided. Molding is quite good and though there are the usual ejector pin marks on parts, I saw no problems with flash or sink marks. I'm also thinking that this is probably a pretty new mold as the truck itself is one that I've not seen too much of on the road. It is properly racy looking and quite aerodynamic compared to the boxy Peterbuilts that once used to be so common on the freeways. To add to Scott's comments the 780 series came out in 2002. The kit is a curbside without an engine, but it does have a full suspension and all the auxiliary bits and pieces that seem to festoon modern tractors. This is a sleeper cab and Italeri has provided a rather complete rear section that is open at the front and accessed via the main cab, unlike some others that I've seen that seem to be an add-on feature. The main external difference I see from the 780 and 670 are the additional sleeper window on both sides, which makes the 780 cab longer. The instructions are superbly done with very nicely drawn construction sequences and color information in Model Master and generic references. Unlike the 670, the 780 is overall white with racing style pinstripes. While doing some net searching I came across modeltruckdiscussions on yahoo groups at /. There I found some color photos of interior options.


I am glad the frame is a single piece as I had issues with building a frame in the past. It looks to be of a typical Italeri kit, slow and steady and she will turn out fine.I am looking forward to building it. I hope to have the kit and review within a year from now.

August 2007

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