Italeri 1/72 Anti-tank Obstacles
KIT #: 6147
PRICE: $16.95 SRP
DECALS: None required
REVIEWER: Ray Mehlberger


Anti-tank obstacles were used by all combatants in WWII. The Germans used cement ones that were known as Dragons Teeth. They also used some that were originally of Czech design.

The Czech hedgehog (Czech: rozsocháč) or ježek, was a static anti-tank obstacle defence made of angled iron (that is, lengths with an L- or H- shaped cross section) deployed during WWII by various combatants.

The hedgehog is very effective in keeping tanks from getting through a line of defence. It maintains its function even when tipped over by a nearby explosion. Although it may provide some scant cover for infantry, infantry forces are generally much less effective against fortified defensive positions than mechanized units.

The kit comes in a shrink wrapped end-opening type box. with round pieces of tape holding the flaps shut.

The box art shows the parts in the kit painted up. I don’t know if I agree with the color they painted the dragons teeth obstacles with. They look more earth color than cement.  It says that the kit is wargamer approved.

The back of the box serves as the assembly and painting instructions to assemble the 3 types of hedgehog obstacles.

The box has 4 color swatches called out in Italeri brands of both enamel and acrylic colors, a photo of the part tree, Italeri’s address in Bologna, Italy and the copyright date of 2010.

The single light gray tree of parts in the kit  holds: 10 wedge-shaped concrete dragons teeth, 10 square obstacles, 8 large pyramid shaped concrete dragons teeth and 8 small ones, 4 large Czech hedgehogs. 4 small pyramid shaped Czech hedghogs, and 4 small hedgehog ones. (61 parts)

I recommend this kit to both the wargamers and general 1/72nd scale modelers.

Ray Mehlberger

April 2012

I want to thank Model Rectifier Corp. (MRC) for this review sample.

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