Testor’s 1/72 XR-7 Thunder Dart

KIT #: 567
PRICE: $ Currently Out of Production
DECALS: One option
REVIEWER: Greg Ewald
NOTES: Quite a large kit of a speculative aircraft


“Aurora”, “Darkstar”, “Blackstar”, and “Senior Citizen” are all terms that have been applied to the supposed pulse-jet super ultra-secret stealthy mach 7 aircraft flown out of Dreamland.

Using standard secret turbojets, the jet can take off on its own, then ignite the überspecial pulse jets than leave doughnut trails all over the place. It was also supposed to be launched by the SR-75 “Penetrator”, though the failure of the D-21 used by the SR-71 would make this a bit dubious.

(yes, I am rolling my eyes)

The functionality of the craft is actually usable. Some “nay-sayers” state that such a spy aircraft would be made dysfunctional by new satellites. This is only partially true, as satellites take time to switch positions, and a mach 7 jet could get you recon much faster.

According to some of the sites on the web, the plane actually glows because of the heat on the airframe. Point at any satellite or streetlight nearby and insist it is Aurora. It works great for date night, it’s better than playing Rick James and serving tequila shots. I hope the Air Force doesn’t use Nikon cameras, they don’t do well while glowing.


Typical Testor’s molding. Very nice, with some flashing and limited detail.  It is almost the size of a B-17 in the same scale, so clear off some shelf space.

The kit is molded in a semi-gloss black. The clear parts fit well, but are a bit clunky. A total of 45 parts go into this behemoth, making it a perfect short time build.

Instructions are normal for Testor’s, just about the best in the business. Clear and concise, and also filled with a bunch of dubious information about Area 51 and whatnot. Good old Dreamland, where they fly saucers and super cool experimental aircraft 90 miles north of Las Vegas.

Decals are of good register, and surprisingly non-yellowed after all these years!


 For a fictional aircraft, this kit is really a knockout. If you can find one, I’d recommend picking it up. It looks like a fun build !

I’d post more pictures, but they are “top secret”, and then the SS would be knocking on your door. They  are watching you read this. Just smile and nod.

Kit courtesy of a fellow what-iffer, who has to remain nameless to protect his identity.

Greg Ewald

September 2009

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