ArtModel 1/72 MiG-23 UB Flogger C

KIT #: 7210
PRICE: $20.31 SRP from
DECALS: Eighteen options
REVIEWER: Jamie McIntyre


From kit instruction sheet – “Production began in 1970 at the plant in Irkutsk, with the production machine designated the MiG-23UB. (MiG-27’s built at the Irkutsk plant were painted with a fake rear canopy before rollout to trick US satellite intelligence into believing the Irkutsk plant only made MiG-23UB’s.) The MiG-23UB was quickly updated in 1971 with the Edition 3 dogtooth wing with leading-edge flaps and the ability to carry ferry tanks. Some early production machines had the Sapfir-21 radar, but most were built with ballast in place of the radar, the radar having proven more bother than it was worth in practice. Most or all production had the R-27F2-300 engine. Late production had improved flight control systems, which were retrofitted to some early production.” 

Six dark grey sprues with 73 parts, clear sprue with one-piece canopy & HUD and 3 green resin pieces. The parts look rough at first glance, but a closer inspection reveals wonderfully restrained panel line & rivet details, which perfectly capture the “agricultural” look of the Flogger without being overstated like many new kits. The canopy is thin & clear, and the resin exhaust and cockpit tubs with integral seats provide ample detail in focal areas. Note the images shown are NOT to scale, collated via PPT. 

A4, the front has history in English & Cyrillic and a parts diagram, the inner two pages contain exploded assembly diagrams with all parts clearly identified and numbered and excellent multi-view schematics for more complex areas such as open airbrakes, nose gear and main gear and the back has a 3-view line drawing of stencil placement with enlargements of various stencils. Folded inside on a glossy A4 sheet are full colour painting/decal placement guides for 17 of the 18 schemes offered. 

18 schemes, all wonderfully varied, provided on two small sheets with a separate comprehensive stencil sheet. The decals are matt with minimal separate carrier film, the colour & registration is spot on. 
1 – Libyan Arab Air Force, Black 8217 
2 – Russian Air Force, FGUP Corporation, Moscow 10 Aug 2002, Red 210 
3 – Russian Air Force, 120IAP, Bagram Afghanistan, Nov 1986, White 210 
4 – Iraq Air Force, 84th FS, Black 33033 
5/6 – East German Air Force, JBG-37, Black 104/Black 20-62 (after reunification) 
7 – Algerian Air Force, 28/9 Sqn 
8 – Romanian Air Force, 1st/93rd Fighter Bomber Air Base, White 135 
9 – Indian Air Force, 10th Sqn, Black MS211 
10 – Angolan Air Force, Red I-21 
11 – Hungarian Air Force, 47th PTFR, Red 15 
12 – Ethiopian Air Force, Black 1205 
13 – Ukraine Air Force, White 97 
14 – Cuban Air Force, Red 704 
15 – Polish Air Force, 28 Fighter Regiment, Red 842 
16 – Czech Air Force, 41STL RIAT 97, Black 8325 
17 - Polish Air Force, 28 Fighter Regiment, Red 845 
18 – Polish Air Force, Red 831 (not shown on painting/decal placement guides) 


Wow, what an amazing little package, and at a great price too! This is my second ArtModel kit (also have their BV 155) and they just get better and better with each new release. Gone are the days of expensive and rare resin conversions to get a Sparka, here it all is in one box! The decals provide a full range of schemes for the type across the globe, in all of its many and varied colour schemes, and the few resin parts round it all out nicely. If you are into Soviet/Russian/WARPAC aircraft, esoteric air forces or trainers get one now, you will NOT be disappointed

Jamie McIntyre


May 2012

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