Tamiya Airbrush Cleaner

PART#: 87089
PRICE: $10.00 or less
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: 250 ml bottle

Many of us use Tamiya products. Besides making very good kits, they also make good paint, glues and other products to go along with our hobby. One of those products is an airbrush cleaner that is formulated for those who use Tamiya's acrylic lacquer. Now I'm cheap and so use regular lacquer thinner to do this job.

However it is not unusual for one hobby product to have a use for other than it is marketed. Such is the case for their airbrush cleaner. Someone discovered that it smelled exactly like Tamiya's waterthin cement. More info came to being that the chemical properties of the cement and the cleaner were almost identical. Could it be that the cleaner could be used to glue parts?

The answer is a resounding yes. I've been using this on a current project with no issues on parts sticking. What's more, you get six times the fluid in this bottle for less than twice the price of a regular 40ml Tamiya cement bottle which normally sells for about $5.50.

So, if you use Tamiya cement and are tired of running out fairly frequently, then this is something you need to consider as a replacement when your current bottle runs out.

September 2020

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