Top Notch TNM48-Desert Spitfire (Gleed)  Camouflage Masks

PRICE: 10.00.
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Vinyl Mask Set

This nice set of masks is designed for the Spitfire Vb. It has been patterned after the aircraft of Wing Commander I.R. Gleed's plane from March of 1943.

The set has been revised to be more accurate. These masks could be used on pretty much any clipped wing Vb with a similar pattern. These patterns were originally uniform, but after patch ups and such, they did provide a character all their own.

Desert scheme planes did not have yellow wing leading edges so you don't need to paint those, nor did they have fuselage bands. This set does include the demarcation masks for the lower color so you need to paint that area first then mask. Next paint the dark earth areas and when dry mask those prior to painting the lighter middle stone. I realize this is backwards from what you have probably been told about applying colors, but that is the way these masks work.

I am sure you will find this set very useful. These are available in all major scales with this set being in 1/48.

 October 2018

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