Mauve 1/48 P-40N Warhawk

Kit Number: 81

Price: $20.00

Media: injected plastic

Decals : one scheme with a wild parrot on the nose.

Accuracy: great

Overall: see review

Comments: When the Mauve kit of the P-40N hit the streets, I wanted one, but was afraid it was another $100.00 kit. To my surprise it was affordable. When True Details did a resin interior and wheels for it, I bought it and the goodies. All I needed was a decal sheet. Along comes Aeromaster and I was set.

Starting with the kit decals, toss them as they suck. The interior is pretty plain, but inclusion of the True Details interior really adds a lot. It fits well too, but don't forget to sand off the resin plug on the bottom or the wing won't fit. The rest of the kit presents few problems. Nice touches are the clear wing and tail lights. It was also easy to mold in the aft canopy with the fuselage and if you are careful, you don't have to add anything as it follows a panel line. The canopy is too thick to properly be displayed in the open position, but I managed to squish it down and hold it in place with superglue. Fortunately, it did not frost. The Aeromaster decals fit very well. I did a scheme from New Guinea with white tail and wing leading edges..

It was a fun kit to build and I would recommend it to all skill levels. Do yourself a favor and get the above mentioned aftermarket parts. It makes a great model.

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