Xotic 72 1/72 F1M2 'Pete'


AU 1003


$9.95 at Aviation USK Nebraska


Two aircraft


Scott Van Aken


Short run with  vac canopy



The F1M 'Pete' was built to the requirement of a 10-Shi observation seaplane issued in 1934.  It was intended to replace the Nakajima E8N 'Dave' then in service.  The F1M was designed to be the most aerodynamically clean biplane of its type, with minimal bracing and struts.  The new F1M1 had poor directional stability, especially on the water.  Modification of the tailplane and a new Zuisei 13 engine resulted in the F1M2 that was ordered into production as the Type O Observation plane model 11.

 It entered service in 1941 and participated in almost every major campaign of the Pacific war.  It was used in all roles from gunnery observation to rescue to light bomber and even as a fighter, scoring several kills.  Its high maneuverability made it a difficult target. By the time production stopped in March 1944, over 1,100 F1M2s had been built.



This is one of the earlier Xotic 72 kits and as such has rather largish sprue attachment points. The light grey plastic is harder than what one gets with newer kits and it shows some flash and a few mold glitches, specifically a few sink areas on some of the parts. Some are very slight indeed while one or two are a bit deeper. Detailing is very good with very fine engraved panel lines. Both wings are single piece, which helps quite a bit in construction. As it is a biplane, there are the usual struts to attach; most of which are for the outrigger floats.

The cockpits are fairly well detailed with a floor, seat, stick and instrument panel in the front and a pedestal, seat, small instrument panel and gun for the guy in back (GIB). Given the scale, little will be visible anyway. The two canopies are well done vacuformed versions. The engine is a face with cylinders, fine for this scale, with the prop being a single piece (Yay!). No handling trolley is provided, so I'd recommend some weight in the front of the main float to keep it from tail-sitting.

Instructions are on a single sheet of paper that shows the various parts and numbers them. Construction information consists of two exploded views, which is quite adequate for this type of kit. It is suggested for experienced builders, to whom many find instructions superfluous anyway. A rigging diagram is also included.

Decals are for two planes. One in the early grey which we now know is more of a light caramel color, and the other in dark green upper with green-grey undersides. The decals are from the Aviation USK line and appear to be very well done. The Hinomarus are a dark red so those of you who don't espouse to that shade may want to replace them with something brighter.



Overall, it is a well done short run kit and reasonably priced as well. As with all Xotic-72 kits, it can only be obtained direct from Aviation USK Nebraska.

Review kit courtesy of the fine folks at Aviation USK Nebraska. Thank you for your support.

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