Italeri 1/72 Ju-88A-4






Two Aircraft


Scott Van Aken




The Ju-88A-4 was undoubtedly the most important version of the A series. Though preceded by the A-5 (which was based on the A-1), the A-4 also had the increased wing span with metal ailerons and up-rated engines of the A-5. Adding to this, the A-4 variant also included a strengthened undercarriage allowing for greater payload capabilities. It was capable of a variety of defensive armament which changed as production continued. Payload was 500 kg internally and 1,000 kg externally. With no internal payload, it was possible to carry 2,000 kg of bombs, though this shortened range considerably.

There was also a tropicalized version with provisions for sunshades, extra water and other desert survival equipment. These were externally similar to the regular A-4. Many A-4/trop variants were converted A-1 and A-5 bombers. The A-4 saw action on all fronts in a variety of roles. Several war weary bombers were used as flying bombs for the Mistel 1 program.


The Ju-88A-4 has been a mainstay of the Italeri line for quite some time. Though I'm not positive of the date of initial release, it can't be much earlier than the early 1980s, judging from the raised panel line/rivet detail. Regardless of the date of release, the molds are still in excellent shape as this kit had no readily apparent flash and no ejector pin marks in an easily seen areas; even the inside of the gear doors are free of them.

The transparencies are adequately clear with finely molded frame lines. The overall detailing of the kit is quite good with detail work on the inside of the fuselage in the cockpit area and a well supplied cockpit. Detail on the instrument panel is of the raised variety. No decals are provided for the instruments nor are there any crew figures. There is also no wheel well detail beyond the inside of the gear doors though the gear wells are boxed in. The cockpit canopy is an interesting design with an upper and lower clear section. Getting the upper part on without getting glue on the lower section should be an interesting exercise for most of us. The lower gondola can be built with the later twin gun installation/hatch either open or closed and an entry ladder is supplied. Underwing things include dive brakes and four bomb racks with 500kg bombs.

Instructions are typical of modern Italeri kits with excellent construction sequences and color callouts. Colors are in generic and Testors Model Master references with FS 595 but no RLM callouts. Decals are for two aircraft. One is the box art model (which appears to be the same as on the ProModeler 1/48 kit) from I/KG 54 in Italy as it has white wing tip and fuselage band. It is painted in a Mediterranean scheme of RLM 78/79/80 with squiggles of what seems to be RLM 76. The other is a rather odd choice of a captured version with the Swiss AF in RLM 70/71 uppers and black under surfaces with RLM 75(?) squiggles. The decals are sharply printed and in register. They appear to be quite useable and thin as well.



Despite its age, it looks very much like it will build into a nice kit. When one considers the alternative kits of this plane in this scale (Airfix), it is probably the best one out there.

Review kit courtesy of me and my wallet!

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