PM 1/72 Me-328 v1/v2




$5.98 ($5.47 from Squadron)


Generic Luftwaffe


Scott Van Aken


Luft '46


The design of the Messerschmitt P.1073 parasite fighter program started in 1941, the basic aircraft to be launched from a bomber, defend the bomber formation and then glide back home. The prototype aircraft were made by the DFS, Germany's premier glider manufacturer and people who were experts in wooden construction. Though production planes were to be made entirely of wood, various composites were tested in the prototypes. Flight testing began in 1943, the aircraft taken aloft "piggy back" on a converted Do 217E. These aircraft had no engines to see what the flight characteristics would be like before allowing glide flights. The results were very successful in both cases. The V2/3 was fitted with much smaller wings to greater maneuverability during bombing runs

Tests were done with pulsejets, as used to power the V-1, fitted to the rear of the fuselage of the Me 328A prototype. The wooden airframe could not cope with the noise and vibration from the Argus engines, and two aircraft were lost in flight because of airframe failure. The engines were then fitted to the under side of the wings to try and improve matters, but the problems persisted. With all the problems of mounting engines and the constant delays in getting the plane into some semblance of prototype testing, the whole program was cancelled, much to the relief of everyone concerned!



This particular kit can be built as either the v1 or the shorter span v2 prototype. As with the other new Huma kit, this one is simplicity, consisting of but one sprue and a small canopy sprue. Plastic is a bit thick but otherwise well molded. You can find the usual sink areas in the thick bits to one degree or another. A display stand is provided as are the main struts in case you have a Do-217E on which to mount this beastie!

Cockpit detail is pretty barren with just a floor/seat and a straight section of sprue for the control column. Two sets of wings are provided in case you wish to do either of the first two prototypes.

Instructions are quite basic but provide most of the information needed. No interior color is suggested but one could do either RLM 02 or RLM 66 without fear of the color police. Exterior color is RLM 71 over RLM 65. Looking at the few photos I've found of these planes, I see no insignia of any kind and the gliders seem to be polished as well. They also show a landing skid, which is not provided with this kit. The decal sheet is well printed and a bit glossy. I should mention that the instructions show the shorter winged prototype as the v1 and the longer winged one as the v2, but in reality, it makes no difference as both were equipped with wings that could have the outer panels removed if needed.


Though the Huma kit would be the one most will pick for an Me-328, it can't be bought as cheaply as this one and this does do the prototypes, which were different from the Huma's 328A/B kit. Experience with PM kits shows it will need a bit of work (like filler) to complete, but a no-hassle kit it will be!

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