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Jay Sherlock


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Scott Van Aken

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At one time, your reviewer was a major collector of airliner post cards. Like all collections, it got to be a really huge number and eventually I decided enough was enough and sold it off.

However, I've never lost my interest in airliners and add this genre to my model building, producing one or two each year. Aero Research has produced a new CD covering two of my favorite jet liners, the DC-8 and the DC-9. Like many of a certain age, I've made trips in both types and have always thought they were good looking planes.

There are over 150 large images of these two types with, I'd say, the lion's share of them being DC-8s. You can find DC-8s with all three engine options as well as both passenger and cargo types. For the DC-9 there are some of the early -10 aircraft up to and including some MD-82s.

Each image has as much information as was available to the compiler and includes things like registration, when it was photographed and where. I would bet there there will be a dedicated DC-9 edition sometime in the future as it was a much more widely used aircraft. Airliner fans should not be without this one.

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Thanks to Aero Research for the review CD.

October 2017

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