Aero Research's Civil Collection #5


Jay Sherlock


Aero Research Co


$12.95  plus S&H


Scott Van Aken

Notes: CD-ROM, Catalogue # 5011

This is an addition to Aero Research's growing catalogue of civil types. There are over 150 very large images that cover a plethora of types. The thing that I found most interesting is that quite a large number of the images are not only in black and white, but from the 1960s and earlier, showing some rather exotic types, such as the Custer Channelwing, Boswell Quick and Easy (new to me as well), Curtis Air Sedan, Snow S-2A, Dumod Liner, and many, many more. There are also bizjets, some helos, a few war birds, crop sprayers, and some private airliners, but the majority are interesting and unusual aircraft.

This is one of those that airplane fans will very much enjoy and I'll bet there will be a lot of "I've not seen one of those before." from you as you go through the disc.

June 2017

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