Modeler's Closeup #2: MH-53E Sea Dragon/CH-53E Super Stallion


Chris Reed


Dataview Publishing


$14.99 direct at www.lulu.com/dataview


Scott Van Aken

Notes: Spiral bound, full color.

If you are one of those modelers who relishes in detail, then this is a series of books that will interest you. Chris Reed has taken the time to provide what is a perfect modeler's companion, this time on the two most widely used versions of the H-53E; the Navy's mine sweeper and the Marine heavy lift variants.

What you get is page after page of close-up photos of the interior and exterior of the aircraft as well as some nice operational photographs to provide a level of detail at a most reasonable price. Most of the images fill the page and all are in full color. Chris has also provided copies of the Mil Standard painting guide for those who find this sort of thing useful. There is no history or other wordy stuff to get in the way of the photos. Having the book spiral bound means that you can keep a specific page open and flat, ready to use without having to juggle keeping the page open.

An excellent value for the money. For those who don't need a paper book, you can get a downloadable PdF copy for $3.11.

May  2006

Review book courtesy of Dataview. Order yours direct at http://www.lulu.com/dataview

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