Kagero's USS Astoria


Witold Koszela




18.99 Euros


Scott Van Aken

Notes: Top Drawings #58.
ISBN 978-83-65437-35-8

Plans have become a staple amongst modelers and enthusiasts over the last decade or so. Kagero has been on company that has embraced this trend with a now rather extensive catalog of books that focus on this aspect of the hobby.

This particular book is their 58th set of plans in their Top Drawings series and concentrates on the New Orleans class cruiser USS Astoria. The Astoria was sunk during the Guadalcanal campaign in 1942 so one got one refit.

There are a large set of foldout plans included that show the ship as she was in 1934. The rest of the book focuses on details of the ship and provides drawings of sections of the ship that show how she was during the first year of the Pacific War.

The plans are in 1/350 scale for the most part, though the ones for the SOC-3 floatplane are in 1/72 and you'll find some of the detail images of guns and such in scales such as 1/50 and 1/200. All of the text is in both Polish and English.

If you are a fan of plans, and many are, this would be a very good one to add to your collection.

December 2018

Review book courtesy of the fine folks at Kagero. You can get this one at this link. Also available in the US from www.casematepublishing.com

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