MMP Books RAF WWII Fighter Instrument Panels
AUTHOR: Dariusz Karnas, who also did the drawings
PRICE: 15.00 SRP 
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: ISBN 978-83-65281-62-3, Hardback, A4

Following the review of their Polish aircraft instrument panels book last year, MMP/Stratus has provided the next one in the series. This time it is on RAF fighters.

In line with the previous book, there are six different airplanes included in this edition. Specifically we have the Hurricane I, Spitfire Vc, Mosquito VI, Defiant I, Mustang III, and the Beaufighter VI. These were all operational planes at some time during the war. I was a bit surprised to see the Mustang in there, but the RAF did use quite a few of the type, so it is appropriate.

Each entry includes not only huge images of the aircraft's instrument panel, but also images of the individual instruments and several excellent period photographs. This latter addition really helps to place each section into context. As you can probably tell from the cover of the book, these instruments were not simply black and white, but had several subtle background shades, making the panels somewhat colorful.

Several of the planes used some of the same instruments, but this was not always the case as one will find quite a variety. In all, it makes not only for an interesting read, but also a valuable reference for the detail modeler.

January 2018

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