Scale Model Handbook: Figures vol 19


Stelios Demiras


Mr Black Publications


14,95 Euros


Scott Van Aken

Notes: ISSN: 2241-1054, softcover, 50 pages, full color

Scale Model Handbook  #19 arrived in the mails the other day and it continues with their superlative award winning figure presentations. This one has a neat mixture of eight subjects. I found it interesting that this edition seems to have more busts than the norm. The nice thing about busts is that you can put more detail into the figure thanks to the generally largr size.

The articles range from quite in depth explanations of what was done to achieve the look of the subject, while on the other side we have a few that are just a few pages long and provide basic info, such as the colors used for various parts of things. This provides a good mixture as there are times when we want a lot of info and others where we do not.

All eight subjects are shown on the cover and starting from the top left is a 54mm Roman Legionnaire with lots of painting information.

My favorite is the next one, a bust of the Red Baron himself, Manfred von Richthofen. This is a good sized project of 200mm

In 75mm is Francois L' Olonnais in a very nicely done work.

This is followed by another bust, this time a short work of Brad Pitt in 180mm as a US tanker.

In 120mm a Flankenfeuer Le Bourget bust that concentrates on doing eyes and hair.

In the rather unusual scale of 50mm is a nice pair of British soldiers in North Africa.

Finally, we have a dwarf bust in 200mm followed by a 1/35 SS Panzer crewman.

As usual, the photos are superb and often will give a step by step on how the various effects were reached. As figure modelers are mostly painters, this sort of information is quite useful.

November 2017

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