Scale Model Handbook: Figures #25


Stelios Demiras


Mr Black Publications


14,95 Euros


Scott Van Aken

Notes: ISSN: 2241-1054, softcover, 48 pages, full color

This next edition of SMH continues with their great series of articles on figure modeling. There are seven articles in this edition, with all of them being full figures; no busts or partials here. As usual, these are all military subjects, which I guess is what the manufacturers have decided is what figure modelers want. It does make some sense as those who model aircraft usually want military types. Only the car guys and fantasy figure folks build 'civilian' stuff. As usual, there is a large range of eras in this one from the Greeks to modern times.

First up is Sergey Popovichenko's Greek Hoplite from 490 BC. This 75mm figure is superbly done and the article includes a section on making the base.

For number 2, we go forward several hundred years to the Crusades and Louis D'Orio's very well done 200mm Templar standard bearer.

Thanks to their colorful uniforms, the Napoleonic period has always been popular. Here we have Ernesto Stalhuth's 75mm Drummer of the 67th Line Regiment in Vienna during 1809.

Next up we move to WWII and Toshihiro Sano's vignette of two Soviet soldiers and a captured SS tanker in 50mm. Had this been reality, the Soviets would have shot the tanker as soon as they realized he was SS.

A nice figure set based on a photo has two black US soliders loading a basket with artillery shells emblazoned with slogans. This work is Eduardo Rodriguez' 50mm set.

Sixth is Selios Neopytidis' 50mm vignette using a pair of figures and a simple background. This shows two German soldiers in camouflage from the Italian Front.

Finally, a modern Navy SEAL in 120mm by Huy Nguyen. This superb figure includes a well done how-to for doing complex camouflaged uniforms.

Once more, Mr Black has come through with some excellent articles featuring award winning work and super photography. Well worth picking up.

Thanks to Mr Black Publications for the review book. Visit them at the link for your copy.

November 2020

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