Random Thoughts 39/4
BY: IPMS Canada
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken - IPMS Canada #5729

Each quarter I look forward to the latest edition of R/T to arrive in the mails. This is one of the best club magazines produced and is always interesting. This time we have five excellent articles that provide four model articles and a very well done research article.

The main article is on the Tamiya 1/12 Wolf WR-1 Formula One car. This model earned the Best Canadian subject at this year's IPMS/USA convention. As you might expect, the modeler did quite a bit of additional work on it including a lot of aftermarket and some scratch-building. More work than I'd be willing to do, but the results are superb.

Next we have a great article on painting an experimental camouflage on a JG 53 Bf-109E rather early in the war. Lots of great photos and a real bugaboo for editors as most of them are back-lit. I'm not sure what some have against direct light, but I run into this all the time at MM.

The third article is something quite unexpected and well done article on converting a Cushman bomb cart into something used by civilians.

The cover article is on a 1/72 Canadian Forces M113A2 APC. It is an amazing build and hard to tell it is only 1/72 scale.

The final article is on the multiple variants of the Canadian M113A1. Airplane modelers often do not realize the incredible number of variations that some military vehicles go through. This is something that will help those who want to know more about these vehicles.

How do you get these great editions? Simply join IPMS Canada and trade uncolorful money for full color magazines. It is well worth it. As a bonus, you also get their e-mail editions of Beaver Tails, which is separate from the magazine, and, when one is produced, you get their great decal sheets.

January 2018

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