1001 Aviation Facts


edited by Mike Machat


Specialty Press


$24.95 from Specialty Press


Scott Van Aken

Notes: ISBN 978-1-58007-244-1, 336 Pages,134 photos, 6x9", Softbound

Most of us like books that provide interesting facts about favorite subjects and so this one on Aviation Facts should appeal to most readers.

I was rather surprised at how much I knew, but then I've been on the planet for quite a while and do a considerable amount of reading.

This particular book is divided into several sections. There are sections on early aviation, military aviation, experimental and research aircraft, commercial aviation, general aviation, aviation in the media (that's movies and television), personalities, and even one on modeling.

Some of the snippets is that in early aviation, wing warping was more effective than ailerons. There were three Presidents who were pilots, Hawk model company had the word 'hawk' in their rivet detail after Aurora copied some of their early molds. The Baade 152 was the first German jet airliner. There were three 'Songbirds' in the Sky King series. Ray Stits could not fly his own design, the Stits Fly Baby because he was too heavy. In 1956, 25 new or upgraded types performed their first flight for the USAF.

There is, of course a whole lot more to the book and it is one of those things that you when you pick it up, you get lost in it and it is a long time later that you realize it. I know you'll like this one and it isn't expensive.

October 2017

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