Start's Luftwaffe im Focus #27




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Scott Van Aken

Notes: 54 pages, 9 x 12 inches, softbound
ISBN: 978-3-941437-3

Start's Luftwaffe im Focus is one of those periodicals that once you start reading it, you want more. Edition #27 arrived recently and like all the others I have read, is well worth the wait.

What makes LiF so special is the number of well chosen, clear images that have never been published before. Much of these come from private collections and family members of those who took the images. They are not your usual photos as they frequently show types that don't get a lot of coverage, but the research that goes into each story is exemplary.

For example, there is a great article on II./StG 2 during the summer of 1942 in the Stalingrad area. This is especially interesting thanks to a goodly number of period color photos that accompany the article. Thanks to these images, some corrections can be made to previously established information on unit colors.

Another well done article is on Hptm Fritz Geiẞhardt, concentrating on his days with JG 26. As usual, good period photos and a large color profile complement this article. The third major article is an expansion on one of the recce units featured in their great new book on the subject (which I am still reading). This article includes information and images that were left out of the book due to space limitations.

In addition to these there are shorter articles that are all well worth reading Add to it a few photo features and you have another well rounded edition.

September 2018

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