Start's U-Boot im Focus #14




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Scott Van Aken

Notes: 54 pages, 9 x 12 inches, softbound
ISBN: 978-3-941437-33-3

I have been asked from time to time, what these books are all about and what is the interest. Well, during WWII, one of the most effective weapons of war was the submarine. For Germany, it was their major method of power projection. It was also the single weapon which was most destructive to the Allied war effort. This came at a tremendous cost as it is estimated that 85-90% of those who served in the Uboat did not survive the war.

Yet the U-boat is something that fascinates historians, modelers and enthusiasts alike. More than even the US submarine war against Japan and certainly more than the efforts of the British or any other warring power.

Each of these books tells stories from the viewpoint of those who fought it. Through the memories of the survivors, the letters home of those who did not, the military archives and most of all, the research of those who put together each edition. That, combined with new photos that keep appearing through the years, provides for some superlative reading.

In line with other issues, this one has conning tower art work, boat camouflage schemes, stories of specific events and a look at the men who fought in these boats. In particular, this edition spends a lot of time on the operations of the U-481 in the Gulf of Finland. We don't often think of the Baltic and its attached bodies of water as a war zone, but indeed, it was where the Germans blockaded the Soviets and, in the last months of the war, the Finns waged a very low level war against their former allies as part of their treaty with the Soviets.

What is probably the biggest draw of this and every other edition, is the superb photos that accompany the various articles. This includes some quite rare color images. There are also some excellent color illustrations that help make every issue a treasure.  If you have an interest in these boats, then you should seriously consider a subscription.

June 2017

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