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Richard A Franks


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Scott Van Aken

Notes: 92 pages, A4 Format, softcover, ISBN: 978-0-995777361, Airframe Detail #5

The next book in Valiant Wings' Airframe Detail book is on the  Boulton Paul Defiant. This plane was one of those developments that seemed good at the time, but ended up not working very well at all. It was initially successful, but after a squadron was nearly wiped out on a mission due to the lack of proper fighter cover, it was quickly withdrawn from daylight service.

However, the type continued to come off the production line and even more were ordered. To keep things going, I guess. It did prove to be a fairly successful interim night fighter until the Beaufighter became available and also served in second line duties as a target tug and as an Air-Sea Rescue type. It was easy to fly and proved to be popular with those who flew it for that reason.

Thanks as much to the recent release of a very nice Airfix kit in 1/48, this book has proved to be quite timely and includes a full build article on this particular kit.

For those unfamiliar with the series, the book provides not only a nice history on the type, but also close-up detail information using both period drawings/photos and full color images of the only type still extant. A part I like is the camouflage and markings section that includes a goodly number of well done full color profiles. Appendicies include one that provides information on the various kits produced of the Defiant as well as accessories. A listing of the considerable number of units that flew the plane are also in the mix.

In all, it is another superb effort from Valiant Wings and a book that easily gets my highest recommendation. It is an absolute must for those who are planning on building the Airfix kit or adding extra detail.

October 2018

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