KIT: Testors 1/6 Harley-Davidson FLHRCI 'Road King Classic'
KIT #: 7222
DECALS: one option
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: mutimedia kit


The Harley-Davison Touring bikes are considered by many to be the finest long distance motorcycles around. Coming from the legendary Electra-Glide bikes, the current Road King Classic bikes harken back to those days, but with a much more modern motorcycle. Driven by the vibration isolated Twin Cam 88 engine with fuel injection on each port, the Road King Classic has that retro look that is so popular with a goodly portion of the buying public. In fact, the vast majority of Harley riders are in their 50's or older, wishing to re-live their youth through these large motorcycles. Having the sort of money to spend that most youngsters do not, they are able to afford to lavish their bikes with all sorts of extras like whitewall tires, laced wheels, saddlebags and cruise control.


Testors has joined other kit makers in producing large scale motorcycles that are true multimedia kits. These have not only your normal plastic parts, but parts in vinyl and metal as well. It is the inclusion of a large number of metal parts that makes this such an exceptional model kit. Metal is used for the frame, fenders, fuel tank, most of the suspension and various other bits and pieces. There are vinyl tires and a seat as well as the white wall inserts, saddlebags and other pieces. The kit includes full wiring for the engine and the brakes. A chart is provided to allow you to cut the tubing provided to the proper length prior to installation. Even a complete vinyl drive belt is provided.

In the images of the parts, the injection molded and some vinyl parts are shown on the left while on the right are all the metal and some other vinyl bits. These are all superbly boxed with the bits on the left being segregated into separate cardboard pigeon holes with lids to keep them from being damaged or chipped during shipment. It also helps to protect the injected bits and pieces from the heavier metal ones.

Clear parts for the turn signals and brake lights are already pre-painted in the appropriate shade. The framework around the windscreen is also prepainted. Chrome work is superbly done and mirror bright. A selection of metal screws and fasteners is also part of the kit, as screws are used to hold some of the major parts together. In fact, it seems you could build this kit right from the box without painting it and it would look great. Of course, some of you will want to customize your bike with perhaps a different color on the tank and fenders or perhaps some detail painting, but otherwise, painting does not seem needed as there is no color chart. I should also mention that the paint work is very well done. A bit of wax and some rubbing out will really make the parts shine.

The instructions to this kit are superb. The whole thing is in a photo presentation, from the parts layout to the construction steps themselves. I've not seen any better. Each of the construction blocks has numbered steps with each step indicationg whether the part should be glued or not. Any installation of screws or hoses is also indicated. At the end of the 42nd step, you'll have a full built and beautiful motorcycle model.


I am very much impressed with this kit. It appears to be a real beauty and just the sort of thing that a Harley enthusiast would like to have. If big bikes are your passion, then this one will certainly fill the bill.

December 2006

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