Aeromaster 48-109: Reich Defense part 6 - Doras

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Scott Van Aken

There are a handful of FW-190D-9s on this sheet. The usual late war colors for these planes was RLM 82/75/76, though there were exceptions, a couple of which are on this sheet. Though designed for the DML kit, there are several others that have been released since 1994 that would be just as good if not better.

First up is a plane assigned to II./JG 26. Like most planes it has a mottled fine and rudder. However, this one has the RLM 75 replaced by RLM 81.

Next is a JG 6 aircraft that has some of the upper surface color reaching to the side and in this case filling the fuselage insignia.

This feature is also on the next plane with a lot of the lighter upper surface color covering the sides. It was assigned to JG 2.

Fourth is another JG 6 plane, though this time with the Reich defense band overpainted.

Finally a real mixture of colors and parts with this II./JG 6 aircraft. The undersides are 'RLM 84' though the tail section is still in RLM 76. Left wing upper surface is in RLM 82/84 while the right is RLM 75/82. Upper surfaces are RLM 74/75 as is the upper surface of the elevators/stabilizers. Gear doors are RLM 75.

The sheet has fuselage bands for those that need them and there are enough insignia for two planes and data for three. An addendum sheet is provided for those that want to be sure of proper registration for some of the markings.

November 2017

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