Aeromaster 48-111: Butcher Birds part 4

Units: various




Scott Van Aken

A nice sheet of FW-190s with five aircraft of various subtypes and an interesting selection of camouflage schemes. This is designed for the DML kit, but should fit pretty much any in this scale.

First up is a striped nose A-7 variant from 2./JG 1. Standard RLM 74/75/76 scheme with no fuelage mottling. The builder will need to paint the nose bands and the red one on the fuselage.

A plane from an unknown unit is this this one with an overall upper RLM 83 over 76. Note that it has a replacement battery door so a partial fuselage insignia for this side has been provided.

From 3./JG 3 is this A-8 version with the black and yellow RVD band. Standard scheme with large patches on the fuselage and fin.

The fourth option is another A-8 version  with Stab/JG 26. This has a gree spinner and rather heavy overspray of the camo colors, included the underside of the cowling.

Finally a FW-190A-5 of 1./JG 51 in RUssia during 1943. A field mix of RLM 70/71/83 over 76. It carried the usual yellow Eastern Front markings, though the yellow is only on the lower portion of the rudder.

Enough insignia for two and data for three options.

November 2017

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