Aeromaster 48-138: Butcher Birds part 1

Units: various




Scott Van Aken

When this sheet was released in 1995, thDragon, Hasegawa and Tamiya had been released and are still easily avialable today. 

These six options are all A-3 or A-4 variants and most are in the standard RLM 74/75/76 scheme with yellow lower cowlings and rudders typical of the markings carried by Continental units.

First up is an A-3 from Stab/JG 26. It was flown by Roff Hermichen, hence the He in the fuselage markings. Only mottling is on the fin.

The second option is also an A-3 from the Stab/JG 26 and flow by Gerhard Schopfel in the summer of 1942. Light mottling on this one with the exhaust area painted black with a white outline.

The A-4 that is the third option has a red lower cowling. Now there is some debate on this color, but apparently research has shown it to be accurate. This III/JG 2 plane is also from the 1942 time frame. Note that the sheet provides different size tail bands as apparently there is a difference in the kits.

Kurt Dombacher's FW-190A-4 is next. This was with JG 77 in Norway and has a white rudder and lower wing tips.

JG 51 often experimented with camouflage and so it is with this A-4 version from 1942. This is RLM 71 over RLM 76 with a yellow fuselage band and lower wing tips.

Finally an A-4 with a fuselage rack. This plane was with 10/JG 26 in late 1942 and has the bomb marking on the fuselage typical of the 'jabo' staffel.

These are all good options and despite their age, I've used 20+ year old decals with little issue. Sometimes they do need a coating of decal film, but most of the time they have worked fine as they are

November 2017

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