Aeromaster 48-041: USN & USMC Wildcat Collection

Units: various




Scott Van Aken

This oldie covers the Wildcat. While the suggested kit is the old Monogram version with a Medallion Models upgrade set, there are plenty of more modern kits of the Wildcat out there so that you can easily build one without any need for mods. Most if not all of these schemes have been done ad nausem so this sheet is pretty much only for reference or collectors.

First is an F4F-3 from USS Enterprise's VF-6 early in the war. This one uses the oversize insignia that was in vogue in the first six months or so.

Next is Robert Galer's plane from VMF-224 based on Guadalcanal in early 1942. This is also an F4F-3 and has the early camo scheme.

In the tri-color scheme is this F4F-4 based on the USS LIscome Bay in late 1943 while assigned to VC-39.

Finally, an FM-1 (F4F-4) in the Atlantic or ASW scheme. This one was with VC-8 on the USS Guadalcanal in January 1944.

October 2017

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