Aeromaster 72-211: Flying Fortresses over Europe II

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Scott Van Aken

Continuing with their welcome trend to offer some of their larger scale markings in 1/72, this sheet covers two B-17F Flying Fortresses. Both are in Olive Drab over Neutral grey. Kits for this sheet are available by Academy and by Hasegawa, with the Academy kit being the newer of the two.

The first aircraft is 'My Devotion' of the 510 BS/351 BG. This aircraft has a nice nose art and has seen quite a bit of action, judging from its bomb tally. This aircraft has no de-icing boots.

The other plane is 'Fort Alamo II', another veteran aircraft with many missions to its credit from the 840 BS/483 BG. The aircraft carries a red rudder and elevators.

There are complete insignia for both planes and a nice addition is an instrument panel decal.

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