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 Blue Rider BR 403, Latvian Air Force




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Scott Van Aken


1/72 Scale


This 1990 sheet from Blue Rider covers some of the initial aircraft of the new Latvian Air Force. As most of you know, these Baltic states were created in the aftermath of WWI and lasted until the Soviet invasion of 1939 that also included invading eastern Poland (after the Germans had effectively destroyed all resistance in their September invasion).

The sheet is well printed and if you have seen Modeldecal sheets, then you pretty well know what to expect. There are four aircraft on this sheet, all in the colors of the country from which they originally came save for Latvian insignia and numbers.

The aircraft are a Sopwith Camel, two Sopwith Strutters with different national markings, and an LVG C.VI.

Revell/Airfix are recommended for the Camel, though I believe that Roden also has a nice one. The Strutter would have you use the Classicplane kit. I don't think there is a more modern injected kit of this one in this scale.. Not sure who also does an LVG C.VI, but the Classicplane kit is recommended. It is possible that Pegasus also does/did one.

Overall it is a nice sheet that will add some interest to those who like early military aviation.

Review copy from my decal dungeon

October 2007

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