Caracal Models CD 144008: C-5A Galaxy

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Scott Van Aken

This new Caracal Models sheet is for the earlier A version of the C-5. Though many of the aircraft were modified to B/M standards, not all of them were. These planes generally serve(d) with the ANG, where the generally more experienced maintenance personnel could keep the aircraft operating with regularity.

The set includes three sheets and provides enough markings to do one of the options on the sheet. If you use the kit data markings, of course you can do others. All of the three camo schemes carried by the C-5A are covered so if you want to do a nice selection of all three schemes, you can do so. Though this sheet is designed for the new Roden kit, I'm thinking that these would probably be good for the older Revell kit. One thing for sure, these decals will be a ton better than those that come with the kit.

Most of the difference in the aircraft are in tail bands, unit names and serial numbers as the C-5, to my knowledge, never carried any special art work.

Here is what is covered:

C-5A 68-0222, 167 AW (West Virginia ANG), Shepherd Field ANGB

C-5A 70-0465, 164 AW (Tennessee ANG), Memphis ANGB

C-5A 70-0460, 105 AW (New York ANG), Stewart ANGB

C-5A 70-0448, 445 AW, Wright-Patterson AFB

C-5A 69-0020, 433 AW, Lackland AFB

C-5A 70-0449, 60 AMW/349 AMW, Travis AFBC-5A 69-0014, 97 AMW, Altus AFB

C-5A 68-0304, 439 MAW, Westover AFB (Euro 1 scheme)

C-5A 67-0174, 105 AW (New York ANG), Stewart ANGB (Euro 1 scheme)

C-5A 69-0012, 60 MAW, Travis AFB (MAC white/gray scheme)

C-5A 69-0026, 436 MAW, Dover AFB (MAC white/gray scheme)

There are sufficient insignia, data markings and walkway markings for two planes from the look of it and you can use the additional bits and those from the kit for other options.

Instructions are superbly done and show both sides of the Euro 1 scheme. For the top and bottom of this scheme, you are directed to their web site. This set of markings is superbly printed by Cartograf so you know you are getting the best.

I usually go through my slide collection to help illustrate these sheets and I have a lot of C-5s. However, what I have is a plane that is either with a different unit or with a different camouflage scheme. What this means to the modeler who wants to be a bit different, even when using aftermarket sheets, is that if you have a photo of a plane and the code/unit marking are on this sheet, you can mix and match.

January 2018

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