Caracal Models CD 48073: RF-101C part 1

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Scott Van Aken

Thanks to the recent release of the Kitty Hawk 1/48 RF-101C, we have the first sheet for this kit from Caracal Models. If you  have one of the conversion sets for the Monogram F-101B, I'm sure this set will be useful for that option as well.

There are four options on the sheet with two in the overall unpainted metal (I'm not sure if the Voodoo was ever painted silver like the F-100), and two in the later SEA camouflage scheme.

First up is a nice 45 TRS plane when based in Misawa, Japan.

Next, with the yellow fin flash, is 32 TRS aircraft based at Laon AB in France. Both of these pane have OD anti-glare panels. Note that these could be the green drab as well.

First of our SEA planes is one from the 29 TRS home based at Shaw AFB during the Vietnam War. These planes were often sent on det in country. The aircraft has a yellow fin tip.

Finally, a fairly unremarkable plane from the 154 TRS, Arkansas ANG. This is quite typical of ANG recce Voodoos of the time with little more than the state name and ANG badge on the fin.

The sheet is Cartograf printed and the instruction sheet provides full data placement information. There are sufficient common markings for one bare metal and one SEA aircraft. .

January 2019

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