Caracal Models CD 48121: Piaseki H-21

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Scott Van Aken

Helicopters don't get a lot of press when it comes to decal sheets, but Caracal Models is trying to change that with this sheet on the Piaseki H-21, often call 'the flying banana' due to its shape. The H-21 was actually used quite a bit in the late 1950s and early 1960s be used for a variety of tasks from rescue to cargo hauling and there were even a few gun ships.

This sheet covers five relatively colorful aircraft with the majority of them being USAF aircraft.

H-21B Workhorse 52-8699, USAF 24th Helicopter Sqn, Showa AB - 1957

H-21B Workhorse 53-4350, USAF 22nd Helicopter Sqn, Goose Bay AB - 1957

H-21B Workhorse 52-8682, USAF 1001st Helicopter Sqn, Bolling AFB - 1964

H-21B Workhorse 55-5129, USAF, unknown unit, 1950s

CH-21C Shawnee 55-4160, US Army, 1952

The markings are printed by Cartograf with enough insignia and data markings to do one aircraft.  Note that there are fuselage insignia with a silver surround for the red tailed planes. Note also that though you have to paint the blue on the MATS plane, you are provided with the red cheat line. Kit for this is by Italeri, but I should mention that FM also did one of these in this scale and these marking may fit.

September 2017

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