Caracal Models CD 48127: H-19 part 1

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Scott Van Aken

The H-19 is probably the most important US helicopter of the 1950s. It was large enough to carry troops or patients and reliable enough to perform a number of functions. What is surprising is that after all these decades, the best kit of this aircraft in 1/48 scale is the Revell kit from the 1960s. Despite the age of the kit, it is fairly well detailed and if one overlooks the raised detail and working features, it builds into a very nice model. If one chooses not to display it with the engine compartment open, there is plenty of room for weight.

This sheet is the first for this aircraft and covers USMC and USN units. Note that this is an early H-19 with the straight boom. Note also that the orange is international orange and not da-glo.  Included are:

USMC HRS-1 BuNo. 127819, HMR-162, Korea, 1952

USMC HRS-1 BuNo. 127797, HMR-161, Korea, 1951

USMC HRS-3 BuNo. 130239, HS-49, Oppama - Japan, 1956

US Navy CH-19E BuNo. 144255, HU-4, NAS Lakehurst, 1963

US Navy CH-19E BuNo. 130240, HC-1, NOLF Imperial Beach, 1964

US Navy HRS-3 BuNo. 130175, Atsugi - Japan, 1963

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November 2017

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