Caracal Models CD 48147: RF-101C part 2

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Scott Van Aken

The RF-101C was a real workhorse of the early 1960s when it came to tactical reconnaissance. It was active during the Cuban missile crisis and during the Vietnam War. It had the benefit of being quite fast in a straight line, something important for a reconnaissance aircraft. With the even faster and more capable RF-4C reaching units, the RF-101C was passed on to a number of ANG units where it served for many years before it was also replaced by the recce Phantom.

This sheet provide markings for six aircraft. Two are in unpainted metal, one in ADC Grey and the other three in SEA camouflage.

The first option is the air wing commander's plane from an unlisted unit, but I can tell you it is the 66th TRW.

Next is another unlisted plane, though it is with the 20th TRS.

The third option is the one in overall ADC Grey and it has no unit markings at all.

The last three are all from the same unit, the 45th TRS, based at Tan Son Nhut. These planes are named The Iron Eyeball, Gerry's Clown, and Luv Bug.

Decals are superbly printed by Cartograf and you have enough data/common markings for at least one plane and perhaps two as I'm not sure how stencil intensive the SEA painted planes were. For kits, the new Kitty Hawk offering is recommended though I'm sure those that might have a conversion set for the Monogram F-101B will be able to use them for that as well.

 February 2019

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