Caracal Models CD 48148: CH-47 Chinook

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Scott Van Aken

When the Army bought the Vertol CH-47 back in the early 1960s, little did they realize that the type would still be in service 50 years later. Yet it is and since there is little around to replace it, it is still being built, serving with both active and national guard units. The current versions are the CH-47D and CH-47F, models which are covered in this sheet.

Not surprisingly, most of the seventeen markings options are for US Army planes and those are all painted in a desert tan camouflage as is the lone Australian option. The others, with the RAF and Canadian Air Force are in olive drab with two of the Canadian options also having a green added. You can get a look at all the options by visiting their web site.

So here is what you get in the sheet.

CH-47F 12-08884, US Army

CH-47F 15-08178, US Army

CH-47F 16-08202, US Army

CH-47F 09-08069, US Army

CH-47F 13-08436, US Army

CH-47F 08-08056, US Army

CH-47F 13-08140, US Army

CH-47F 10-08808, US Army

CH-47F 10-08082, US Army

CH-47F 14-08155, US Army

CH-47F A15-303, Australian Army

Chinook HC.4 ZD983 (RAF 100th Anniversary markings), Royal Air Force

CH-47D 147201 "Miss Behavin'", Royal Canadian Air Force

CH-47D 147205 "2 for Hooking", Royal Canadian Air Force

CH-47D 147206 "Jack'd Up", Royal Canadian Air Force

CH-147F 147304, Royal Canadian Air Force

CH-147F 147311 (UN markings), Royal Canadian Air Force

The set is superbly printed by Cartograf. There are enough data markings for one plane. The recommended kit for this set is from Italeri. 

June 2020

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