Caracal Models CD 48162: F-4 Edwards Test Phantoms

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Scott Van Aken

With the long operational service of the F-4 with the USAF, it is not surprising that a number of them would be used as test aircraft with the AFFTC at Edwards AFB.

This sheet provides markings for eight aircraft used at Edwards over the years. The majority of these are in gloss white with international orange high visibility markings. The decal sheet does provide markings that go over this orange with white backgrounds, though I'd see what one could do about another layer of white behind these decals as orange has a habit of 'bleeding through'. Three of the options are in SEA wrap camouflage, though the wings on these planes are white. These planes carry standard low vis insignia. Most of the F-4Es have the hard wing and the early gun nose so it is important to pick a kit that offers these features.

Here is what you get:

NF-4D 66-7716

NF-4E 66-0289

YF-4E 65-0713 "Glamourous Glennis" (Chuck Yeager's final USAF flight)

YF-4E 65-0713, later sharkmouth scheme

NF-4E 66-0289, ALCM chase aircraft

NF-4E 66-0319

NRF-4C 65-0850

NRF-4C 63-7744

The set is superbly printed by Cartograf. There are enough data markings for one  plane. You can do others by using the kit decals.

October 2020

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