Caracal Models CD 48170:  AH-64D/E Apache

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Scott Van Aken


The AH-64 has been the premier US attack helicopter and has also proven to be a decent seller overseas. Constantly upgraded, there is nothing on the horizon to replace it so you'll be seeing these around for quite a while to come.

This is Caracal Models first sheet for this aircraft and has 16 markings options provided for a variety of nations. The vast majority on this sheet are in the standard OD and half of the options are US Army. I've chosen to show those helos that are either international or have different camo schemes, which are the last eight in the listing. Many of these options carry some sort of name or have a shark mouth. 

 AH-64D 04-5472, US Army

AH-64D 07-05302 "Tyrone Biggums",

US ArmyAH-64D 07-05524 "No Diggity", US Army

AH-64D 02-05340 "El Patron",

US ArmyAH-64D 07-05523,

US ArmyAH-64E 17-03117,

US ArmyAH-64E 12-09025,

US ArmyAH-64D 07-5525 "St. Anger", US Army

Apache AH.1 ZJ184 "Gunship 1", Attack Helicopter Demonstration Team, British Army

Apache AH.1 ZJ208 "Gunship 2", Attack Helicopter Demonstration Team, British Army

AH-64DHA 03-1026 "026", Hellenic Army

AH-64E 15-4808 , Indian Air Force

AH-64E 15-0716 , Indonesian Army

AH-64E 19-0002 "QA-112", Qatar Emiri Air Force

AH-64D 01-2069 "069", Republic of Singapore Air Force

AH-64E 11-00019 "819",Republic of China (Taiwan) Army

The sheet is designed for the Hasegawa kit. Please note that the US options on this sheet require the ASPI (Aircraft Survivability Product Improvement) exhaust kits (commonly known as the "sugar scoops") installed on the US AH-64 fleet since 2009.

The set is superbly printed by Cartograf. There are enough data markings for one plane. You can do others by using the kit decals.

June 2020

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