Caracal Models CD 48185: F-111E 'Aardvark'

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Scott Van Aken

The F-111 was originally designed to be a plane that was able to be used by both the USN as a fleet defense interceptor and by the USAF as a replacement for the F-105. It was not a good idea as it was far too large and heavy for the Navy and the terrain following equipment initially proved to be a real issue until it was worked out. If there was a benefit to the program for the Navy, it was the development of the Phoenix missile that was used on the F-14. Interestingly, the Navy already had an excellent F-105 replacement in the F-4 and the Air Force ended up buying thousands of them while all the bugs were worked out of the F-111.

This sheet covers the F-111E with the 20th TFW, about the only unit to actually operate this variant. All of them are in a somewhat similar SEA camouflage with black undersides. Many F-111s were named aircraft and a fair number of those are included with this sheet.   

This is what is included: 

F-111E 68-0020 "My Lucky Blonde"

F-111E 67-0120 "The Chief"

F-111E 68-0055 "Heartbreaker"

F-111E 68-0040 "The Other Woman"

F-111E 68-0064 "6000 Hours"

F-111E 68-0077 "June Nite"

F-111E 68-0022

F-111E 68-0027

F-111E 68-0042

The markings are printed by Cartograf so are a known high quality. You are provided sufficient common markings for two aircraft. For kits, you have those by Academy and by Hobby Boss from which to choose. 

October 2020

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