Caracal Models CD 72101: EF-111A Spark Vark

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Scott Van Aken


The EF-111A was a development of the F-111A for the USAF to provide jamming capabilities for Air Force strike missions. This is similar to what the EB-66 performed during Vietnam. The USN has had similar airborne jamming platforms for quite some time. When the Navy needed a replacement for the EKA-3B, they developed the EA-6B, an airframe based on the A-6 Intruder, though stretched to accept a four man crew. The systems used had been used to some extent in the USMC's EA-6A, which was just a two seat plane. The system proved to be so successful in the EA-6B, that it was also used in the EF-111A.

Operated mostly from three active and one test unit, the EF-111A was the last variant of the F-111A to remain in USAF service until retired in 1998. After that, the USAF sent select crew to fly with the Navy's EA-6Bs. Not sure what they are doing now that the EA-6B has been retired as the EF-18G is only a two person airplane.

This sheet provides 10 different options that cover all the major units that flew the type. That includes the 20th TFW at Upper Heyford UK (UH), 20th FW at Canon AFB (CC), 366th TFW at Mountain Home (MO), and the 85 TES at Tyndall (OT). Many aircraft carried nose art at one time or another. Here is what is on the sheet. These options are the same as provided on their 1/48 sheet so I used that cover sheet:

EF-111A 67-0041 "Knight Jammer"

EF-111A 67-0052 "Cherry Bomb"

EF-111A 66-0050 "Mistress of Deception"

EF-111A 66-0056 "Babyjam"

EF-111A 67-0042 "Let'Em Eat Crow"

EF-111A 66-0044 "Straight Flush"

EF-111A 66-0041, first EF-111A

EF-111A 66-0015

EF-111A 66-0021

EF-111A 66-0013

All aircraft were painted in 36320 over 36492. Kits for this have been done by Monogram and Hasegawa.

Decals are very nicely printed by Cartograf. There are enough common markings for two aircraft.

November 2020

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