Eagle Strike  32-020: Fresco Collection part 2

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Scott Van Aken

Ran across this one in a box with a Trumpeter MiG-17 I picked up. The sheet is one of Eagle Strike's early offerings so the instructions are in grey-scale. The instruction sheet states that the markings are for the Frog or Trumpeter kit, but honestly, I did not know that Frog did a 1/32 MiG-17. Most of the options are for unpainted metal aircraft with one in camouflage.

First is one of the Indonesian display team aircraft with the very colorful red markings on the fin and upper wing tips. I have seen aircraft #1151 shown on decals as a PF night fighter.

Next is not a MiG-17 but a Lim-6 with the parabrake housing on the fin and inner wing pylons. I'm not sure who kits these bits, but plastic and putty should be able to replicate these. This aircraft is camouflaged in dark and light brown with medium green uppers and a light blue-grey underside.

A rather popular scheme is a North Vietnamese plane from the Vietnam War. This one has a red upper fin/rudder.

The next two are both MiG-17 PFs in Soviet service. There are different nose numbers and the color for the radr radomes are different.

Instructions provide color and placement information as well as a bit of info on each option. The decals are printed in Mexico and are well done. This sheet was released in 2000.

July 2017

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